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Empower and Reprogram the Mind in the Shortest Possible Time to Live the Life You Wish to Live...

mental empowerment
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Mental Empowerment Level 1 will help you to Empower and Reprogram your Mind...

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mental empowerment

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With Mental Empowerment Level 1 you can finally Empower and Reprogram your Mind to Live the Life You Wish to Live

Certainly, as you will have already proven, living the life we wish to live is not easy. There are many aspects to take care of if we do not want to find ourselves living another person’s life.

You would like to achieve your dreams, you have even tried several times in the past, but you would like to get more results.

You have read many books and taken other personal and professional growth courses, but then you realized that in practice, the information you have learned is not applicable in daily life and you are still not living the life you would like to live.

And you are absolutely right! Most of what is taught does not work.

Not to mention the many overweight “gurus” who talk about “mindset” and “mental reprogramming,” when they are the first ones who lack the mental strength to control themselves at the dinner table and have not been able to reprogram themselves to develop discipline and consistency to take care of their bodies.

In a nutshell, it is full of trainers who preach well, and rage poorly. They smoke, they drink, and they can’t say no to junk food. They can’t say no to these addictions simply because they are not mentally strong enough as they want to seem and have failed to reprogram themselves.

The truth is that they appeared like mushrooms a few years ago after taking courses to sell video courses. They have a few years of experience and have not yet developed an overview.

Think about it: would you let a surgeon who hasn’t even been studying medicine for 5 years get his hands on your heart? And why would you do the same thing with someone who has been studying for less than 5 years?

Let me take a moment to explain why this time will be different...

I have been studying the Human Mind since 2003 and over time, I have created an interdisciplinary training path. I have created a scientific protocol with powerful strategies, advanced methods and new ways of thinking and acting to increase the ability to achieve personal and professional goals and to elevate performance to extraordinary levels.

Who is Edoardo Zeloni Magelli?

You may have heard about it in various international media:

Trust me, you can trust me!

Not only did I devote a lifetime to studying the Human Mind, but I also applied what I was studying in real life...

I had to understand what was happening to me in every area of my life!

At one point I started reflecting on my past, I was asking myself questions about why I had gone from…

  • From being the worst guitarist on the beach to the best (2000)
  • From bench water polo player to starter (and I also began to play soccer well)
  • From turning red and feeling uncomfortable around people to being confident in every situation
  • From being terrified of public speaking to feeling like I enjoy speaking in front of hundreds of people
  • From dating a girl once in a blue moon, to dating a different one every week (only in 2008-2009)
  • From being broke to earning €800 a day (2012)
  • And many other things…

 What had happened?

The remarkable thing was that the changes happened abruptly within a short period of time (some changes occurred in as little as 4 weeks, others in 3 months).

How was it possible to distort one’s results in such a short time?

Something had happened in my mind!

I understood that the secret was to use the mind in a different way.

Over time I realized that I could apply it in every area of my life.

The nice thing about this was that it was something transferable and I could give it to anybody and they could use it.

When you study something for 20 years, you can learn a lot about that thing….

Why do you need to Empower and Reprogram the Mind to live the life you wish to live?

Mental Empowerment Level 1

mental empowerment

Mental Empowerment Level 1 is the most advanced Mental Empowerment and Reprogramming program you can find on the market because it encompasses 20 years of application and study of the Human Mind in all its forms.

You now have 3 options:


Option #1 - Do nothing and leave everything as before

But don’t expect results if you choose this option. At best you will continue to get the same results. But usually doing nothing will make you worse.


Option #2 - Try to Empower and Reprogram the Mind on your own

This could be an option. But you’ll have to be very careful because if you don’t have the information that works right away, it could take you a lifetime to figure out how to do it and waste time on things that don’t work.


Option #3 - Seize this opportunity on the fly.

You can have access to my method of mind reprogramming involving ancient practices to empower mind and spirit. You will immediately come into possession of 20 years of theoretical and practical experience on the potential of the Human Mind that you can apply right away!

Start right now to overcome your limitations and to Live the Life You Wish to Live with

Online step-by-step tutorials

You will be able to access the platform from any device and from anywhere. Inside which you will find valuable unreleased content, tools and support.

Immediate access to all content

You can take the course at your own pace; you can access all the content at the time of purchase and consume it at your own speed. The sooner you put into practice what you learn, the sooner you will see results.

Lifetime upgrades

This program will be continually updated over time and will allow you to stay up-to-date on the potential of the human mind.

Contents of Mental Empowerment Level 1

Module 1Introduzione
Lesson 1Lettera di Benvenuto!
Lesson 2La Ripetizione degli stessi contenuti
Lesson 3Video di Benvenuto
Module 2I Segreti della Mente
Lesson 1I Risultati
Lesson 2Lezione Pratica
Lesson 3Le Origini delle Convinzioni
Lesson 4Lezione di Approfondimento
Lesson 5I Programmi nella tua Mente
Lesson 6Il Momento di Perdonare
Module 3BONUS di Riprogrammazione Mentale
Lesson 1I Miei Esercizi Segreti di Riprogrammazione Mentale
Lesson 2Materiale di Supporto
Lesson 3Retroscena Personali + Esercizi
Lesson 4Momento di Riflessione
Module 4Psicologia Primordiale
Lesson 1Pulire la Mente
Lesson 2La Piramide Terapeutica della Psicologia Primordiale
Lesson 3Digiunare dalla Società Artificiale
Lesson 4Tornare a Vedere
Lesson 5La Chimica della Mente
Lesson 6Conosci Te Stesso
Lesson 7Il Viaggio Primordiale
Lesson 8Le Domande della Vita
Lesson 9#1
Lesson 10#2
Lesson 11#3
Lesson 12La Regola 888 di Zeloni Magelli
Module 5Potenziamento e Protezione Mentale
Lesson 1La Neurobica
Lesson 2L'Arte che Alimenta la Saggezza
Lesson 3La Ricarica Naturale
Lesson 4Introduzione alla Meditazione
Lesson 5Cambiare Stato d'Animo
Lesson 6L'Ambiente Potenziante
Module 6Crescita nel Terreno Adeguato con i Gruppi Mastermind
Lesson 1La Lista degli Amici
Lesson 3Il Gruppo Mastermind
Lesson 4La Storia del Mastermind
Lesson 5La Selezione dei Membri
Lesson 6Come Funzione un Gruppo Mastermind
Lesson 7I Vantaggi del Gruppo Mastermind
Lesson 8La Tavola Rotonda
Lesson 9Il Gruppo dei Pari
Lesson 10Come Creare un Gruppo Mastermind
Lesson 11Consigli per il tuo Gruppo Mastermind
Lesson 12Autorealizzazione
Lesson 1Ciò che ti hanno detto fino ad ora - Simon Knight
Lesson 2Tutto inizia da una scelta - Simon Knight
Lesson 3Masterclass sul Personal Branding - Gianluca Lo Stimolo
Lesson 4Ottimizza il tuo Io Primordiale - Omar Frigerio
Lesson 5Lezioni del Maestro Shì-Héng-Chán
Module 8Piano Personalizzato
Lesson 1Consulenza Olistica

Example of the Video Course

This is a small sample of what you will find in the course. You will learn the theory and practice the exercises to begin to overcome your limitations to live the life you want to live.

You will be able to overcome your Limits to Live the Life you wish to Live

These are the Results you will get after you apply the teachings of Mental Empowerment Level 1

You will have access to the Ancient Practices to Empower Mind and Spirit...

You will understand how to unlock the potential of your mind to overcome your limitations to perform well in any situation quickly and easily.

You will learn how to protect your mind, increase the power of attraction and enhance your personal power with ancient practices to empower the mind and spirit

Are you ready to use your mind in a way that achieves the results you want to achieve?


Liana Babgoeva - Self-Acknowledgement and Mental Health

I have just finished the Mental Empowerment Level 1 course by Edoardo Zeloni Magelli and I would like to share my impressions. Before I did it, my vision of myself was totally distorted, with a terrible panic of speaking in public. In the course of the course I understood that in our life happens what we are programmed for.

Now I feel capable, I no longer see obstacles but opportunities for growth, for self-improvement. The focus is no longer on what others think, the focus is on me. This inner evolution is also manifesting itself on the outside.

The results came very quickly. Only after 4 weeks I had already started interviewing people I truly admire. This has been my experience with the course and I recommend it 100%.

nora sophie nicolaus

Nora Sophie Nicolaus - Persuasive Content Creator

The one with Edoardo was undoubtedly one of the most important meetings of my life. Through his Primordial Psychology I have embarked on a path of personal growth that has allowed me to bring out the best in myself, taking care of and building my personality without neglecting anything: I am a marketer, but also a mother, a sportswoman, a lover of politics and current affairs, and many other things.

It is said that it is not possible to have everything in life, but this is the first and most limiting of the blunders from which Edoardo’s Protocol frees the person.

A concrete example of how this works? If you take care of your body and soul, you also become more energetic at work. If you find a job in which you feel fulfilled, you will also acquire more serenity and determination in your relationships with others. Everything is connected, Primordial Psychology allows people to find the right keys within themselves to unlock the doors of their lives.

Begin Now to Overcome Your Limits to Live the Life You Wish to Live

You can choose how to access Mental Empowerment Level 1 by making a single payment or by paying 2 convenient €175 installments, 30 days apart.

Single payment

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Payment in 2 instalments

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Prezzi IVA Inclusa

BONUSES and Tools you will receive by taking Mental Empowerment Level 1

Masterclass in Science of Mind

You will always have access in your private area to my advanced masterclass in Science of Mind.

Special Lessons by The Mind Titans

You will have access to special lectures given by guests from the “THE MIND TITANS” format.

Personal Backstories

Personal interview where I will reveal some background of my life that I have never revealed publicly. It will help you in your personal empowerment process.

My Secret Exercises of Mental Reprogramming

You will have access to my exercise book that I use to reprogram my mind


All you get by purchasing Mental Enhancement Level 1

Real value: 1212€

Get it all for 297€!



Dr. Angelo Maria Riccardo Venditti - Business Angel

A eclectic professional with faces as fascinating as they are complex. Good and evil combined in a perfect balance that make him a serene adventurer of the worlds of knowledge. From the autonomous and individual research of the facts of consciousness are revealed externally brilliant ideas point of arrival of a journey that will never end, hinge and discernment of an existential axiom oxymoronic. My renewed congratulations and may the journey continue with the same curiosity and serenity of mind.

luciano vunich

Luciano Vunich - Multinationals Manage [Coin, Standa, Ideal Standard, Richard Ginori e Preca Brummel]

When I met Edoardo, I immediately understood that he was an extraordinary person with a concrete professional preparation, a futuristic vision that anticipates times and ways in the competitive arenas, supported, moreover, by a total abnegation towards an unavoidable goal: SUCCESS IS NOT TO OVERCOME OTHERS BUT TO OVERCOME YOURSELF! I highly recommend his business and mind courses!

Resolve your doubts

Here you will find answers to the most common questions, but if you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to address your concerns

Once you have paid you will receive an email with your login information for the platform, through mindgalaxy.training you will be able to log in with your username and password to the private area where the course is located.

Once you have paid you will receive an email with your login information for the platform, through mindgalaxy.training you will be able to log in with your username and password to the private area where the course is located.

You can study the course whenever you want. You will have lifetime access to the platform 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and you can advance at your own pace.

Yes, many people who have already purchased the course had already taken courses in Mental Reprogramming, but they had never seen anything like it.

That’s because it’s content you won’t find anywhere else and in any other language in the world.

The best masters of the mind I’ve met didn’t even have social networks, never recorded video courses.

You will find my 20 years of theoretical and practical experience on the Human Mind and the best teachings of my masters.

Yes, because the program is designed for you to learn naturally and easily.

Although you will find some very advanced concepts, you will be able to understand them very easily.

Absolutely! I assure you that the vast majority of psychologists and psychiatrists still do not understand how the mind works.

This is because in universities they do not study how it really works.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to have mental problems.

This course is for those who want to overcome their limitations, achieve their personal and professinal goals to live the life we want to live.

No matter if you want to improve your performance or anything else, everything you are and do involves your mind.

You will improve your life in every respect.

Of course! As you may have realized by now, everything you are and do involves your mind.

As you change your inputs, you will also change your outputs!

Yes, of course, you just need to request it through info@mindgalaxy.training with the subject of the e-mail “Invoice Solicitation.”

No, there is no additional charge!

Don’t worry, if you haven’t resolved all your doubts you can write to us at info@mindgalaxy.training

Access Ancient Practices to Empower Mind and Spirit Now

You can choose how to access Mental Empowerment Level 1 by making a single payment or by paying 2 convenient €175 installments, 30 days apart.

Single payment

Save 53€!


Payment in 2 instalments

Pay in 2 months!


Prezzi IVA Inclusa